Ahahahahahaha!!!!! Rent-A-Mob Madz!!!!! Ferguson Protesters Not Getting Paid!!!!! #CuttheChecks!!!!!

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So, Weasel Zippers is all over this!

On May 14, protesters, upset with not being paid their promised checks for protesting, protested outside MORE, Missourians Organizing For Reform and Empowerment, an ACORN organization which had received funding through George Soros to fund the protests.

Come on, now, George!!!! Cut the checks!!! Your rent-a-mob earned their money, now be a good little anarchist and do what your people said you would do!!!!


WZ has a vid and has this to say about the vid (at the link provided)

The white guy they are yelling at here is Jeff Ordower, the founder of MORE. Ordower is long time leftist activist, previously associated with union organizing with the SEIU and with ACORN:

And, then, there’s this from WZ ….

It actually has lists of names of people and organizations who were actually paid for the protest!

After protesters protested not getting their checks

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