Breaking Shock News!!!! Hillary Lied About Her Email Accounts!!!!

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Destroying evidence, in order to avoid criminal investigation is a crime. Lying to congress is a crime. This lady needs to go to jail for numerous transgressions. But, the two above are a start.

There’s a fairly lengthy Townhall article on this so I won’t repost it in it’s entirety, but, as the article notes, the email lie is only one issue …..

Uh Oh: Hillary Used Private Email Address Her Lawyers Claimed Didn’t Exist

Here we go: Two major Hillary stories, each quite significant — much like we saw late last month. This time, rather than revelations about a wildly suspicious uranium deal and tens of millions in unreported foreign government donations to the Clinton Foundation, we’re looking at astonishing evidence of rogue, conflict-of-interest-riddled, off-the-books diplomacy…and yet another lie related to Hillary’s secret email scheme. We’ll get to the email lie in a moment, but in order to…

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