What? No Deflationary Spiral?!?!?!?!?! How Can This Be? Leftarded Malicious Stupidity Exposed!!!! Yet, They Continue To Spew!!!!

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Good heavens!!!

Well, it seems the people of the Eurozone are escaping the dire clutches of lower prices. What a relief!!! I was scrambling to put together care packages for our friends in the Eurozone.

Eurozone period of falling prices ends in April

But, of course, we all know this is impossible. Once prices start to lower, people quit buying stuff they need because they think the prices might go even lower, so they just quit buying stuff like food, clothes, electricity, gasoline, tires, washers and driers ….. etc …. because prices might be lower a few months from now. This causes an economic calamity, which has happened never.

But, let’s look at the article ……

LONDON (AP) — Well that didn’t last long.

The drop in consumer prices in the eurozone has come to an end after four months, easing concerns about a long-term decline that can choke the…

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