An Almost Repost …… This Is Still Bull$hit!!!!!!

suyts space

Guys and gals, I’m sorry. There’s so much to talk/write about, but, I just don’t have it in me. I should be going to town on the recent climate stupidity …. Bill and Hillary’s corruption, ….. illegal immigrant idiocy, and the economic lunacy which is so pervasive in this world, today. But, Easter was my last day off, and I was working overtime, for months, before then.

But, all of this ends, one way or another. My patience is about ended. You sign on, you sign on. I’m all about that. But, this is beyond the pale. I’m f’n good, but, at this point, I’m not that f’n good that I’d be a utility to anyone, including posting something for this blog. So, bear with me ….

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