This Is Still Bull$hit!!!!

suyts space

Well, I’m going on my gazzillionth day without a day off, and will, apparently, do so until the powers that be get tired of me working. Today was even physically demanding! Which sucks, because that’s the one thing which drains my mind. I don’t know why that is, but, when I become physically tired, I get mentally tired. It’s the only thing which does it to me.

So, tonight, I’m going to chill and listen to some music. I’d play some, but, even playing is a mental exercise, and I’m just too tired.

Given that it’s rained here almost as often as I’ve been working (it didn’t rain yesterday, but, that was the only day in over a week that it didn’t, and it rained again, today, and it is expected to rain heavy tomorrow and the next day, and the next ….. I thought it well to post a…

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