Gems 2015 — April 15 Scripture Selection: I Kings 22-25

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

April 15 Scripture Selection: I Kings 22-25

Food for Thought: I Kings 23:31-34

The truth in life is that you will either serve the Lord with your life or be in bondage to the enemy, one or the other. There is no “happy medium,” as some would like to believe. The good news is that we have a choice. Neither life is forced on us.

King Josiah had demolished everything that had to do with evil worship of false gods, but his son Jehoahaz did not follow in his footsteps. You can remove all the images, paraphernalia, and the like, but you cannot remove the evil inclinations from the hearts of others. So as soon as his father was dead, Jehoahaz went right back to the ways of the old days, and not only was he in bondage to the demons of idol worship, but…

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