Gems 2015 — April 14 Scripture Selection: I Kings 19-21

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

April 14 Scripture Selection: I Kings 19-21

Food for Thought: I Kings 19:1-18

People can get so caught up in their challenging, personal circumstances that they lose perspective of reality. Elijah was distraught and in utter depression because of the conditions he found himself in after having ardently spent all his energies in the service of the Lord under immense difficulties. In his conversation with the Lord, he reminded Him of the zeal he had while facing the oppression and blasphemous acts of Israel’s leaders and complained that he was the only one left standing for the Lord. It sure did look like that to him, but it was entirely untrue.

Elijah was never alone. After all, wasn’t God’s presence sufficient? And besides that, he had been accompanied by an angel who spoke to him and fed him twice. That should have been of great…

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