Eco-Lunatics Demonstrate Their Misanthropic Anti-Americanism ….. Once Again

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Coal producers say Northwest environmentalists blocking Asia-bound exports

Coal-producing states charge Northwestern environmentalists are blocking them from exporting the fuel to hungry overseas nations, costing America jobs and revenue while doing nothing to lessen the use of fossil fuels.

Wyoming, the nation’s top producer of coal at 400 million tons per year, only exports about one percent of that. Officials would like to send as much as 70 million tons to coal-hungry Asian nations, but say opposition from states that control Pacific ports is blocking them from doing business. Cowboy State Gov. Matt Mead believes it is unconstitutional for other states to stop his landlocked state from getting its goods to market.

“It’s challenging a particular commodity and we think that is interference with interstate commerce,” Mead said. …..

Well, it is unconstitutional, but, don’t expect the anti-American federal administration to do anything about it.

What’s sick and sad is…

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