CNN, Once Again, Demonstrates Their Misanthropy!!!! Thinks You Should Visit Cuba Before Americans Ruin It With Progress!!!!

suyts space

Unbelievable, but, really so believable!

So, here’s a Tweet from CNN …..

CNN International ✔ @cnni

See Cuba before American investors ruin it:

Here’s what they show on the link ….


Here’s what they write …..

Havana, Cuba (CNN)Cuba is not like other places, or rather, not like anywhere that exists today.

To some outsiders, it looks firmly stuck in the 1950s. Vintage cars roam the streets, the landscape is absent of strip malls and global chains, and .

It is these throwbacks that lend Havana, the country’s capital, an undeniable charm. A charm that, some worry, is in peril once the U.S. embargo lifts.

that’s the beauty of the city, and eventually all of this is going to change,” says Hugo Cancio, a Cuban-American entrepreneur and president of Fuego Media Group.

1959, of course, was when Batista was removed from office and the communists started their…

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