Breaking!!!! CBS Affiliate Exposes Random Woman’s Throwback Views From FB Post!!!

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For realz!

So, a north Texas woman, whom no one has ever heard of, posted on her FB page that she believes a woman shouldn’t be president, that it should be left to a man. Shocking, I know. I mean, to believe men should be leaders is, well, old school! And, besides, if too many people believed that, then Hillary doesn’t get to be prez!!!!! So, enter CBS to attempt to shame the woman. They actually sent a cough reporter cough to the lady for an interview! She maintained her position.

Hot Scoop: CBS Affiliate Blows the Lid Off of Random Woman’s Facebook Post

BREAKING: Random, non-public-figure woman posts controversial opinion on Facebook; friends agree, disagree. Film at 11. Stiles summarizes the absurdity:

This local CBS affiliate not only wrote up a story on its website, they actually sent a reporter to interview “Dallas woman” Cheryl Rios…

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