Go Steve!!!!! Goddard Makes Good, Again!!!

suyts space

I’m happy and satisfied for this.


Yes, he’s always going to be “Steve” to me. Twitchy had this, today …….

‘Does Obamacare cover global warming now?’ AGW skeptic Steven Goddard torches WH’s ‘climate change’ B.S.

It’s a great post and I’d recommend people reading Twitchy’s offering.

For the regulars here, take a bow. For the long time readers/commentators, nearly every one of us contributed to both when Steve was at WUWT and when he was at Real Science.

I understand Steve/Tony will be here, soon.

I would engage more on the climate bs, but, as far as I’m concerned, it’s been shown to be claptrap. It’s simply a failed thought experiment born from leftist misanthropy. What better mouthpiece than president Zero to usher in the new age of skepticism? By now, every inhabitant of this earth would question any idiotic utterance of that tool, at least, anyone with…

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