Dumbass Economic Writers Take Great Pains To Avoid Telling The Truth!

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I thought I’d share this article, mostly because the more I read it the more I kept saying to myself no one can possibly be this stupid!

Why job growth and cheap gas aren’t doing what they should

I thought, given the headline, that they’d something about the McJobs that are being gained and how that doesn’t actually run an economy. But, no …..

WASHINGTON (AP) — Steady hiring is supposed to fire up economic growth.

Well, no, steady hiring is in response to economic growth, not the other way around. But, the hiring must be specific to actual wealth creating jobs, rather than wealth transfer jobs.

Cheap gasoline is supposed to power consumer spending.

Well ….. only somewhat. That’s not what cheap gasoline is suppose to do for an economy. Cheap transport energy simply encourages more transport. That, in and of itself, doesn’t spur spending. It lowers the…

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