Zero And Team Gives Us A “Forever Deal” With Iran —– With Expiration Dates!!!

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This is such a perfect example of what is so indicative of Zero and team. If these people tell you the sky is blue, you’d better go outside and check. Odds are, if it comes from their mouths, it’s a lie.

Obama administration claims Iran deal a ‘forever agreement,’ despite expiration dates

The Obama administration mounted a new argument Monday for why skeptical lawmakers and U.S. allies should back the preliminary nuclear agreement with Iran, that would block all pathways to a nuclear weapon and set up tough international inspections with no end date.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, in a rare appearance at the White House press briefing, used that term in defending the deal he helped strike in Switzerland.

“I want to say this is not an agreement for 10 years or 15 years or 20 years. It is a long-term agreement with a whole set of phases,” he…

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