Your Intellectual Superiors Displaying Their Utter And Unfathomable Ignorance —- Once Again …. And Again ….. And Again ….. Prolly Another Koch Conspiracy!!!!

suyts space

Just a reminder, these people are fierce defenders of public education. ……

So, yesterday, Lat posted this (which gave me the giggles!) on a thread …..


Funny stuff! Evil Koch brothers forcing idiots to not to know how to do math!!! But, I’m not familiar with Kandyce Brothers, so I couldn’t really post this by itself …. that would just be mean to make fun of a typical leftarded idiot.

However, we all know leftards are really very stupid people. I don’t say this to be mean, I’m just stating what they’ve demonstrated over and over, again. Simply put, they’re not very bright. That said, math is one thing which some pretty bright people don’t seem to be able to grasp very easily (although one would hope supposedly bright people could do simple division).

It could be, that in support of Kandyce, the rest of the leftards decided to demonstrate…

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