Green Hypocrite Tom Steyer Wonders If High Gas Prices In Cali Is A Conspiracy

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San Francisco’s billionaire environmental activist and Democrat mega-donor Tom Steyer joined a group of consumer advocates supporting a California Senate investigation to determine if an “oligopoly” is the reason the price of California regular gasoline at$3.19 a gallon is $.78 higher than the national average, the Sacramento Bee reports.

Given that the policies and taxes advocated by the oligopoly of Democrats, environmentalists and consumer advocates that Tom Steyer leads has resulted in California oil production falling by one-third in the last 7 years, it should not be complicated to understand why California pay the most ……

…. Steyer knows that in 1920s, California was the largest crude oil producer in the U.S. and the world. When Vice President Al Gore convinced the Democrat Party in 1995 to oppose fossil fuels based on the planet running out of the commodity,

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