So A Gay Jew And A Neo-Nazi Walk Into A Pizzeria ——

suyts space


No, no, that’s not the post. But, it is starting to be a joke.

Still ….. what if the Gay Jew had a pizzeria. And, let’s say the Neo-Nazi and his buddies wanted him to cater pizzas and whatnot to their celebration of the Holocaust and to bash faggots and whatnot.

Given the stance the lunatics have taken on Indiana and Arkansas, I suppose the state should then be free to compel and/or punish the Gay Jew for not wishing to cater to the Neo-Nazis ……..

You see, .

Certainly, the Neo-Nazis have every right to celebrate whatever they wish, and they have every right to express whatever vile hatred they wish. But, in no sane land should it be that a government, any government, would compel the gay Jew to facilitate any part of it.

People, this isn’t a hard question. It simply cannot be that one must violate…

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