Leftard Intolerance And Hatred Raises $200,000 For Pizzeria Victims!!!!!

suyts space


What is bringing the vicious lib hate now? As Twitchy readers know, Blaze contributor Lawrence B. Jones III and Dana Loesch launched a GoFundMe campaign for Memories Pizza after the Christian-owned establishment had to close its doors due to threats from the tolerance brigade. The campaign has brought in an incredible amount in donations. Take a look at how the fight for religious freedom was doing today:

Well, Twitchy is a bit behind on the amount … here’s the amount …..


That was way earlier. I’m thinking by now it’s beyond $1/4 million!!!!

You leftarded morons! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

Keep it up and you’ll make them multi-millionaires!

In the meantime, the leftards are threatening a whole bunch of people. To the leftards, I’d take care about who you threaten, they just might take you seriously ……


Even our girls know how to play hard!

Come get some!

h/t Lat

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