Couldn’t Wait For April Fool’s Day!!!! Leftards Confirm They Lie About Everything And Are Not To Be Trusted At Anything!!!!

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Well, we hit the trifecta, today. For those of us paying attention, we already knew all of this stuff was/is a lie, but, it is once again, confirmed.

Well more than a trifecta, a quad? Who knows how many lies leftards have told in recent days, only to have it easily demonstrated that they’re knowingly and willfully lying?


Well, the order is in no particular order, but, let’s start top left and go clockwise ……

…. mostly because it wasn’t the first hearing the senate had about our climate, but, also, because he wasn’t really there. The one Kerry lies about is the one where James Hansen and Tim Wirth had the windows opened on a hot summer day to babble about global warming. Funny that, right?

Secretary of State John Kerry is taking heat for exaggerating his role as a senator in organizing the chamber’s first climate-change hearings.


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