What’s A Bigger Disgrace To The People Of The US Than The People Below?

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The US Army is charging Sgt.(spit) Bowe Bergdahl with desertion and “Misbehavior Before The Enemy”. This is after, of course, we traded 5 scumbag terrorists for his worthless ass. 3 of which are already reconnecting with lunatic militants. It’s disgraceful.

Prior to this disgraceful event, the US used to maintain that we never negotiate with terrorists. But, the entire nation broke our word for that moron who should have never been seen fit to wear the uniform.

But, there is someone more disgraceful than Bergdahl.


He has brought undue harm and shame to this nation.

There are millions more who should be pictured; Obama’s protectors and apologists. They’re all a bunch of horrid scumbags, and this nation needs to purge themselves of these anti-American scumbags, or this nation will not long stand.

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