Some Country!!!!

suyts space

So, I’m doing something I haven’t done for a very long time. On my old PC, I’ve a huge collection of music. In it is some/all of Country’s greatest! (before the crap they’ve played/written over the last several years). And, I’m just letting it soak in like the suds I’m sippin! No video, no nothing, but, the music and the voices!

Here’s a couple I’ve just heard.

I’m gonna let these songs just come through for a bit. Later, after hearing a song I think I can play, I’ll pick up my guitar and try a beer induced effort, and maybe, a chorded keyboard effort. I’ve been giving some work to my neglected musical instruments, as of late. No, none of it is great, but, when I play at our summer gatherings this year, the memories will be great!

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