Gems 2015 — March 25 Scripture Selection: I Samuel 13-15

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

March 25 Scripture Selection: I Samuel 13-15

Food for Thought: I Sam. 14:6, 7

Your faith and positive attitude has an impact on others and actually brings them up to reach higher levels! While they may not have originally thought of the opportunity to apply faith and see God do great things through themselves, you can plant that optimistic seed in them, and, because of it, they will catch the faith, be inspired, and follow you, if you exude confidence.

Jonathan is an example of that. He knew God was not limited to the human circumstances and was quite capable of performing the miracle and using them to defeat a garrison of about twenty Philistines within about a half an acre of land, regardless of the “odds” against them. It just took a few words of encouragement, and his armorbearer went along with him, according…

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