Gems 2015 — March 20 Scripture Selection: Ruth 1-4

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

March 20 Scripture Selection: Ruth 1-4

Food for Thought: Ruth 1:1-21

God often gets the blame when things go wrong when, really, the blame should lay squarely on the shoulders of those who made the decisions that led to the hardship. During a famine, Elimelech chose to take his family and live among the Moabites and “remain there (vs. 2).” What’s more, contrary to the Lord’s instructions, Elimelech’s sons married women from the land whose culture it was to serve other gods. Interestingly, Naomi does not mention these details as she changes her name from Naomi (“Pleasant”) to Mara (“Bitter”) and complains that the Lord Almighty had dealt bitterly with her (vs. 19-21). This seems to be a typical, human response to cast blame and not take responsibility for the condition in which one finds oneself because of the unwise choices made.

While the Bible…

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