Starbucks Is Hated Because People Would Rather Bitch Than Talk!!!!!

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This is so telling.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought coffee at Starbucks once in my life. Once. I can’t imagine ever doing it again, though, this story did make me consider it …. very briefly.

For those who may not know, Starbucks is a place where pretentious people go to pretend to drink real coffee. Typically, they’re drinking some sweetened cocoa, instead of real coffee, but, they’re paying a very high premium for the rather bland coffee/cocoa.

Starbucks decided to try to have people engage in a racial conversation, and started a “#RaceTogether” campaign.

Starbucks brews controversy with its #RaceTogether campaign

Starbucks is faced an onslaught of criticism for its latest campaign to promote awareness about racial issues.

On Monday, the company published a letter from CEO Howard Schultz explaining the new campaign and made public a video that had been shared internally with the coffee conglomerates’ 200,000…

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