WTF???? Leftards Terrorizing Elderly People!!!! Protesting Their House!!!

suyts space


That’s the couple the left thought it was okay to protest in front of their home, today. Who knows what other elderly people they’ll wish to terrorize tomorrow?

This fine looking couple happens to be Gov. Scott Walker’s parent. Here’s a group of lunatics outside their home.


I think for the leftards to protest, a coward with his face masked is now a prerequisite.


Complete and utterly contemptible behavior from a group of scumbags.

Scott Walker has a long and celebrated history of standing up to and winning against public sector unions in the Wisconsin State Capitol, helping position him as a GOP front-runner for the White House in 2016. Unable to better Walker through official channels, a union-led mob today gathered in front of Walker’s parents’ private home in Wauwatosa.

Those girls should try that in Kansas. And, they wonder why people voted for Walker to rid them of…

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