Shock News!!!! Hate Group SPLC De-Lists One Christian Conservative From Their “Extremist” List!!!!

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I had to giggle a bit from this news …..

Southern Poverty Law Center apologizes to Ben Carson, takes him off ‘extremist’ list

Well, it was a non-apology apology.

Though the SPLC apologized for putting Carson on the list, it maintains Carson has “made a number of statements that express views that we believe most people would conclude are extreme” and said “we believe that his views should be closely examined.”

Then, Fox does something cynical by thrusting unwarranted legitimacy on the hate group, the SPLC ….

Other “featured” extremists on the SPLC’s list include Craig Cobb, who is best known for his botched effort to turn Leith, N.D., into an Aryan stronghold and Harry Cooper, the founder of Sharkhunters International, a company that organizes tours to places like Adolf Hitler’s vacation home in Bavaria.

Yes, it’s true, the SPLC does list some people and groups who are actual extremist…

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