Moronic BS From The Feds And Fox News —- Student Loan Forgiveness!!!!

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Well, this is an article I wouldn’t generally post about, mostly because it’s ground well trodden. But, there’s a bit in the article I want to highlight —– mostly because the well trodden ground seems to be an un-blazoned trail for some imbeciles.

Yes, here’s some shock news!!!!!

Taxpayers getting an education? Obama student loan forgiveness program swells by $22B

The cost of President Obama’s student loan forgiveness program has ballooned by nearly $22 billion over initial projections, raising alarm among budget hawks — even as the government promises taxpayers eventually will come out ahead.

The figure was included in Obama’s recently released budget proposal.

In budget-speak, the Department of Education summary said: “The 2015 amount includes a net upward reestimate of $21.8 billion, primarily related to revised interest rates and increased participation in income-driven repayment plans.”

In other words, swelling enrollment due to looser loan rules is driving up…

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