It’s Not Our Fight!!!!!!! Damnit!!!!!

suyts space


WTF is wrong with this administration?

People need to be paying attention to this, and calling their congressmen —-

The pic above is from CNN. Look at the chyron!!!! Pro US troops?? THEY’RE NOT “PRO-US”!!!! They’re pro European Ukrainians! They’re not fighting for the US!

The pic is about the talking heads discussing this ……

Well, no, it isn’t an option. It isn’t our fight! I’m sympathetic to the pro-west/anti-Russian Ukrainians. But, there is no compelling reason for the US to be involved! This is a Europe/Russia problem. It isn’t a US problem!

Things are unfolding ……

Dirk alerts us to this information ….

Europe Fractures: France Pivots To Putin, Cyprus Offers Moscow Military Base, Germany-US Splinter On Ukraine

Well, okay, Zerohedge is given to a bit of hyperbole. France’ current leader, Hollande, had called for more autonomy for eastern Ukraine. France’ former leader, Sarkozy, had this to say. “[W]

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