Eggs Fried In Butter And Climate Droughts!!!!

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I swear Delingpole sucked this right out of my mind!!!! Well, he’s a better writer than I, so ……

I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Not the news, so much, but, rather, where it was in the news.

On more than a few occasions, we’ve discussed diet here at Suyts. Before we go any further, we need to preface the fact that no one body is like another!!! We are similar, we are not the same. And, as we are not the same, we respond to foods differently.

For years, decades, at least a generation, we’ve been told eggs aren’t good for us! I’ve known this was crap since I first heard it. Later, I confirmed it was garbage information when I found out what, exactly, was in our eggs ….. protein, vitamins, and fat! And, really, not much else ….. oh, yeh, later I found that it had…

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