A More Eloquent Dispatch In One Of The Many Messages I’ve Been Trying To Convey!!! Homeschooling!!!

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To my knowledge, I’ve never read this guy, but, to me, his style is a bit like Delingpole’s. He’s articulating something I’ve been trying to say since I started regularly blogging! It’s well worth the read! My bold ….

Attention Small Government Conservatives: You Should All Be Homeschool Advocates

Conservatives and libertarians love to warn about the perils of “Big Government.” I get it. I hate Big Government. I don’t even like Medium Government. I prefer it lean, efficient, and limited.

If government were a Starbucks drink, I’d order the tall every time, with a shot of espresso, room for cream, no sugar (not sure how all of that fits into the government analogy, but that’s how I like my coffee in case you wanted to know, which you didn’t).

I’ve never witnessed this type of government, but I’ve read about it in history books and fairy tales, and I…

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