Zero Refers To Irrelevant Events To Attack Christians —- Because ISIS!!!!

“What the president did was unforgivable on several levels, the worst being that he’s refusing to acknowledge what’s happening. “

And he is being dishonest.

during the Crusades and the Inquisition committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ”…he said

Well, yeah… I can imagine Europeans… [ Mostly Christians ] yelling something like “FOR CHRIST AND COUNTRY” …..

Maybe, it’s because Muslims were yelling “Allauh Akbar” as they invaded European Countries… taking every man woman and child [ who survived ] as a slave.

Had I been the Paris Police and able to return fire as these idiots yelled “Allauh Akbar” I’d have yelled Kiss my arse…or something.

suyts space


Good heavens!!!! What a scumbag!!!

First of all, every rational person in the world recognizes that some lunatics use religion as a tool for nefarious deeds. It needs not mentioned because it’s wholly understood by ….. everyone!

President Zero seems intent on painting all religions with the same brush as the lunatics known as ISIS/ISIL.

His comparisons, and irrational justification for doing so is simply bizarre and irrelevant to today’s events.

Obama at Prayer Event: Christians did terrible things, too

Well, yes, some Christians do terrible things. But, that’s mostly because they’re people. And, some people do terrible things.

President Obama called on people of faith to reject those who use religion to justify evil – and in doing so – reminded people about the terrible things done in the name of Jesus Christ.

Obama told a gathering Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast that we have seen “professions of…

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