Yes!!!!! Leftards Give Us Another Pic/Meme!!!!!!

suyts space


Let’s hope the leftarded defense of Williams continues, so we can use this pic some more!!!!

Leftards hate it when their mouth pieces become exposed as narcissistic liars. My latest count is that there have been more than 1/2 dozens prominent leftards rationalizing/defending/excusing Williams’ inexcusable habitual lying for over 12 years.

For those who may not know, Brian Williams has been a news anchor at NBC for years. Leftards adore and trusted him.

Now mind you, there are two separate camps of leftards, and they both hate this event. The first camp is the well-meaning idiots who believe leftist tripe. They are now suddenly confronted with the notion that they’ve been played for the fools they are. Because of such a confrontation, nearly all will reject the notion this has any significance at all, in spite of the fact that they took every word Williams spewed for decades as gospel.

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