Superbowl Sunday!!!!!!!

suyts space

New England Patriots (14-4)

Seattle Seahawks (14-4)

Well, the long season is going to come to end, today. One team will be declared champions.

It’s been an interesting season. Unfortunately for me, neither team really holds much interest for me. I’ll be rooting for the Seahawks, and hope that Lynch’s performance can erase some public perception of him. When I regard football players, I regard their play, not whether they like to speak to the media or play well with others.

I think today may surprise people in that the running games will be key — especially for Seattle. If they can’t get Lynch going, they’re going to have a very rough go at it. Conversely, the Seahawk defense will be keyed up for the pass. Blount could throw them way off their game plan if they aren’t ready to stop the Pats run game.

Honestly, I look for the…

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