Gems 2015 — January 29 Scripture Selection: Exodus 34-36

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

January 29 Scripture Selection: Exodus 34-36

Food for Thought: Ex. 34:1-7

Moses, out of utter disgust in reaction to the horrifying scene that he came upon after the amazing, sublime experience that he’d had with the Lord in the mountain, slammed to the ground the tablets of stone bearing in the Ten Commandments that had been written with the finger of God Himself and broke them. He shattered this invaluable, one-of-a-kind object made by the Almighty God. What despair he must have felt when he realized what he had done. It’s not as if he could say to the Lord, “I’m so sorry. I’ll replace it. Or, I’ll pay you for the damages.” Nothing could be done to reverse the damage done.

Most everyone has regrets. We’ve all at one time or another broken something that would be impossible to repair or return to its…

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