Did Townhall Writer Lose His Mind? Doesn’t Really Know If The Border Is Secure Or Not!

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I read this …… bit of stupidity and was appalled. It’s either naked ignorance, or, it’s naked advocacy parading as ignorance.

Is The Border Secure? Answer: We Really Don’t Know

Matt Vespa | Jan 28, 2015

No, you idiot, we really do know. It is not secure.

I’m sure this is not news to A LOT of conservatives who have been following the immigration and border crisis closely, but we honestly have no clue how secure our border is with Mexico. House Homeland Security Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) spoke about his blueprint for a border security bill at the GOP retreat in Hershey, Pennsylvania earlier this month. The blueprint, called the Secure Our Borders First Act, will be voted on next week in the House.

According to Lauren Fox of National Journal, it will include 400 miles of new roads, forces the Department of Homeland Security to divulge more…

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