AP Slides In Fact Bender While Claiming Both Sides Of The Keystone Debate Bends Facts!!!!

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This is just another example of the fallacious way leftist journalists attempt to frame arguments they’ve already lost.

There is absolutely no sane and rational argument against the Keystone pipeline, and that is even if you are an idiot climate warmist.

But, the AP wants to appear as an evenhanded entity when it comes to reporting about the lost argument. They claim both sides “bend facts” in the Keystone debate. It’s simply not true.

FACT CHECK: Both sides in Keystone XL debate bend facts

WASHINGTON (AP) — Supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would run from Canada to the Gulf, say the privately funded, $8 billion project is a critically needed piece of infrastructure that will create thousands of jobs and make the U.S. dependent on oil from friends, rather than foes.

Critics claim it will disastrously increase the pollution blamed for global warming and put communities along its…

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