A Beautiful Twitchy Thread!!!! Charles Payne Rocks It!!!!

suyts space


I try to, but, am not always successful in making a post on the climate issue every day. There’s only so much time in the day. And, I consider this a closed issue. The facts are in. The data does not support the idiotic notion that we’re having any catastrophic climate change caused by mankind. Strip the models and look only at the data and facts and the notion is clearly unsupportable.

Of course, today, because the data and facts do not support the idiocy of the leftards, it’s become a political question rather than a question of any actual science.

So, as I was about to journey for a climate post, I looked at Twitchy to see if there was something recent I hadn’t seen …..

I won’t reproduce all of Payne’s Tweets recorded at Twitchy’s page, but, it’s worth a look!

Beautifully dovetails with my post a couple…

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