I See A Little Education Is Needed For Obamabots Regarding Deficit Spending

CBO: Deficits To Explode As Obama Leaves Office

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I’ve recently read some stories extolling the myth that president Zero has actually reduced the deficit. I was reading this from Townhall, which brought the recent articles to mind ….

CBO: Deficits To Explode As Obama Leaves Office

And, yes, that’s true, and we all said it was going to be so with this idiotic laws he managed to get passed. However …..

Federal deficits may have been falling since the end of the recent recession, but thanks to spending increases in major health care programs, including Obamacare, deficits are set to explode in 2017, according to a new report by the Congressional Budget Office.

Thanks to the recent recession and President Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus, the federal budget deficit reached an all time $1.4 trillion high in 2009. Then, as the economy slowly improved and Obama’s stimulus trickled to end, the deficit began to fall. According to the CBO…

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