Gems 2015 — January 24 Scripture Selection: Exodus 19-21

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

January 24 Scripture Selection: Exodus 19-21

Food for Thought: Ex. 20:18-21

While it is true that the things the Hebrews witnessed were enough to daze and provoke terror in anyone, it is lamentable that they had the opportunity to actually hear the voice of their Liberator, yet chose to hear the message second-hand, instead. Moses would be their spokesman and God’s. What a missed opportunity!

Some people even today prefer to have communication with God only through another person, and in so doing, they miss the chance to hear directly from Him themselves. They go to their friend, minister, anyone they consider more spiritual, to get a word from God, when all along the Lord desires to have direct contact with each one of us. Though going to another person for guidance is not wrong, that should never take the place of our personal relationship…

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