I Can’t Title This Economic Post ….. There’s Too Much To Highlight

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So, we get another round of babbling idiocy from the economic writers of the AP. But, there is useful information in the article. I will try to parse/deconstruct the article, a bit. My bold …..

IMF cuts growth forecasts, citing sluggish EU, Japan, BRICS


TOKYO (AP) — The International Monetary Fund lowered its forecasts for global growth over the next two years, warning Tuesday that weakness in most major economies will trump gains from lower oil prices. The IMF’s report was released as .

The IMF downgraded projections it issued in October by 0.3 percentage point each, predicting global growth at 3.5 percent this year and 3.7 percent in 2016.

But even with those reductions, the world economy will be growing faster than in 2014, when the IMF estimates it expanded 3.3 percent. Much of the momentum is coming from an accelerating recovery in the U.S., the world’s largest economy

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