Gems 2015 — January 20 Scripture Selection: Exodus 7-9

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

January 20 Scripture Selection: Exodus 7-9

Food for Thought: Ex. 7:8-12, 19-22; 8:18, 19; 9:11

Today’s selection is evidence that Satan can work “magic” through people and perform signs and wonders, or at least deceive people into believing what they see. While some would doubt the existence of such things, others are fascinated by the supernatural and are drawn to it. In fact, these types of paranormal demonstrations are what are used to control people all over the world. They think that whoever can perform such mighty wonders must be the one(s) worthy to be served, obeyed, and feared. The signs and wonders are what give those who perform them credibility.

In today’s passage, we see that the sorcerers were able to at least give the appearance of being able to perform some of the signs that Aaron and Moses did by the power of…

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