Heh!!!! Alarmist Crazies Still Predictable!!!! Low Snow Season = Thermogeddon!!!!

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This is like clockwork! If there’s a spot on the earth which is having less snow than usual, the lunatics will declare this is climate change/global warming/doom/whatever!!! Of course, when we have more snow than usual, it is also declared climate change/global warming/doom/whatever.

Where’s the snow? Caught in a doughnut hole, Omaha less powdered than normal

With a title like that, you wouldn’t think much of it. It’s just an anomaly, which, happens frequently when discussing weather.

Count Teri Hamon among the Omahans hankering for the good old days of winter.

Omaha is behind by about 60 percent on snowfall so far this winter, and that has the avid outdoorswoman chafing.

“I’d like to take my granddaughter sledding,” said Hamon, who works with the ski patrol at the Mt. Crescent Ski Area in Honey Creek, Iowa. “When we’ve had a little bit of snow this winter, it’s been…

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