LOL!!!! Lunatics Still Interrupting Brunch …… And Gay Guys At Bars!!! Doesn’t Go Well …..

suyts space


You just can’t make this stuff up!!!!!

Black Brunch II: Invokes MLK, slurs black critics, targets LGBTs [pics]

Some people are still under the impression that annoying the crap out of random people trying to enjoy a quiet meal is a great way to win converts to their cause.

So, the lunatics are at it again. …… one response on Twitter …..

M.Diddy @iMalRay


Yall protesting just becoming annoying now. No one paying Yall any mind RT @Awkward_Duck:

Well, most aren’t paying them any mind ……..

Weasel Zippers has this …..


#BlackLivesMatter tried to disrupt the lives of white gay guys in San Francisco’s gay-oriented area, the Castro, yesterday night. “We will annoy them and until we make them care!”

According to the protesters, they were so annoying that the white gay guys threw things at them. Sounds like an effective tactic to me!


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