Breaking!!!! Doom!!! Extreme Hyperbole!!!! Idiocy!!!!! ….. Coming From Something That’s Not Climate Science!!!!!

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This is so stupid, I can’t know where to begin.

I believe Dirk alerted readers that Switzerland had loosed its Franc from the Euro. This caused an immediate jump in the value of the Swiss Franc. Prior to the move, it was, very briefly, just about equal to the USD, that is to say, right at one US dollar would get you one Swiss Franc. Now, one US dollar will get you just about 0.85 Francs.

So, here’s the hyperbole, hints of doom, and idiocy ….

Swiss franc’s staggering ascent to be felt far and wide

LONDON (AP) — A 30 percent swing in a blink of an eye is not uncommon in the stock market. In the world of currencies, it can seem as rare as Halley’s Comet.

But that’s what happened to the Swiss franc on Thursday —

Within minutes of the Swiss National Bank’s announcement it was…

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