New Skeptical Science Slogan!!!!!!!!

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TCR = Temperature change/change in forcing

(TCR = transient climate response)

If it takes more force to do the same work, then, the sensitivity of the work to the force is less. Another way of looking at it…….. .

For the short bus group at SS …… Let’s say we divide 4 by 2. In tricky math annotation, it looks like this …. 4/2 which, the answer is 2, so 4/2=2. But, let’s say our bottom number (really smart math people call it a “denominator”) is larger than two. Let’s say it is 4!!! So, the tricky math problem looks like this ……. 4/4. Hmmm……. let’s see that would equal 1 !!!!!!!11111 Weird!!! The number is smaller!!! But, that’s not just some idiosyncratic response to regular math. The answer number (really super smart math types call it a “quotient”) still gets smaller as the denominator…

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