With Nothing Else To Fix, NY City’s Mayor, De Blasio Promise To Kill The Dreaded Styrofoam products!!!!!

Priorities man …..

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De Blasio Vows to Ban Evil Styrofoam Containers

Bill de Blasio ✔ @BilldeBlasio


Proud to announce that, starting July 1, 2015, we’re banning single-use styrofoam products in New York City: http://on.nyc.gov/1HUSPhq

10:48 AM – 8 Jan 2015

Echoing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) infamous remarks from last year, where he more or less told conservatives they were not welcome in their own state, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio insisted Styrofoam products have ‘no place’ in his city.

What, may I ask, does belong in New York?

The mayor is targeting Styrofoam because, he asserts, it is harmful to the environment:

“These products cause real environmental harm and have no place in New York City,” said de Blasio in a statement announcing the ban on Thursday. “We have better options, better alternatives, and if more cities across the country follow our lead and institute similar bans, those…

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