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So, Dirk alerts us to this story ……. ….my bold.

Fight Over Alcohol Ban Ends When Town Learns It Doesn’t Have One

It’s too late to vote this year in Hanover, Manitoba, because Election Day was October 22. On the other hand, if your main interest was the referendum on whether to repeal the town’s long-standing ban on alcohol sales, don’t feel bad, because it turns out the town never actually had a ban on alcohol sales.

Or, at least, nobody can prove it did.

Following vote, alcohol is now still not illegal here

Hanover is a rural municipality southeast of Winnipeg, comprised of about 14,000 people living in five townships and points in between. According to a 1982 history by local resident Lydia Penner, the area was set aside for Mennonite immigrants from eastern Europe in the 1870s, but was turned into a municipality in 1881…

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