Leftards Mad!!!! Afraid Right Is Learning!!!!!!

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You can read about the angry left attacking conservatives for having the audacity to blame the left for facilitating and encouraging the execution of the two cops murdered in cold blood in NY.

The most recent two in NY, of course, are not the only cops to be killed. But, the murderer directly tied his monstrosity to ……. well, the left’s exploitation of tragedy.

But, beyond politics, this is what occurred …..

The left taught the lunatics to hate police, rule of law, and civil authority. The left exploited and advantaged individual tragedies over the last couple of years or so, none of which had a damned thing to do with race. The left inflamed the ill-informed. The left coddled, excused, and encouraged lawless rioting.

The left caused the execution of two innocent people, doing nothing but trying to protect and serve the people.

Would that lunatic have killed some…

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