Idiots Running To Put Their Chains Back On!!!!!

suyts space

Again, this is something I don’t understand.

There are people in this Twitchy post, who were unequivocally told/ordered not to watch a film by threats of violence by the people who told them not to watch it. And, then, they run to defend the people who just told them they couldn’t watch the movie.

Ignorance, we can fight and fix. Against stupid, we seem to be powerless.

Jamilah Lemieux ✔ @JamilahLemieux


What better example of American arrogance and White privilege than a comedy about killing a LIVING head of state?

3:37 PM – 17 Dec 2014Manhattan, NY, United States

She’s just one …. there are a few documented in this Twitchy post. How many more are out there like her? Millions?

You people can put the chains on yourself all you wish. That’s your choice. Advocating the loss of freedom for others? Well, you cross a line…

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