LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Lunatics Pown Themselves!!!!! Rev Al To The Rescue!!!!

suyts space

‘I could cry right now’: Al Sharpton’s DC protest blasted for VIP section, threats to call security


Don’t look now, but, someone is about to utter a “no-no”!!!!!!!

deray mckesson @deray


Okay, the main speaker just said we are here to continue the message from around the country: Uh, wow. DC. #Ferguson

9:48 AM – 13 Dec 2014

Now this just goes too far!!!! Didn’t NAN get the message that not all lives matter, only Black lives matter!!! Why do people keep saying “all lives matter”?

deray mckesson @deray


The organizers will not let @Nettaaaaaaaa speak. Now people are chanting Y’all. #Ferguson

LMAO!!!!!! Okay, well, not all lives matter, but, all voices matter …… k, taking notes…..

deray mckesson @deray


And now the lead speaker is saying that Mike Brown Sr. is asking @Nettaaaaaaaa and crew to leave the stage. DC. #Ferguson

10:22 AM – 13…

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