Team Zero To Press For Early Indoctrination!!!!

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So, Twitchy had this …..

Obama hopes celebs and hashtags will sell $1bil pre-school boondoggle


I haven’t written much about the creepy government institutionalized pedophilia big government nannys like to extol, lately. Honestly, the left’s preoccupation with our children is creepy, and can only be described as pedophilia. Don’t believe me? Just check the daily obsession with trying to teach our young about sexuality. There doesn’t seem to be a day go by without some pedo-cho-mo babbling about how it’s important to reach children early in this regard. It’s freakish and sick.

But, I digress …..

Before they can achieve control over our children, we have to acquiesce to their demands. Zero and team are now trying to push for more money towards pre-schooling. Now, many would ask, ‘what’s wrong with trying to give our children a head-start in education?’ ——– well, nothing, except the execution in such an endeavor.

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